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My own cosmetics manager which recommends cosmetics!

BeautyBot is a compound word of Beauty and Robot, which means IT devices that present the beauty.
By obtaining and learning the user's cosmetics use pattern, more reasonable product choice and use are possible.

  Development background
① I wish you could take care of the cosmetics like an household account book and a car book!
② Remove cosmetics that contain unsuitable ingredients for me!
③ I don't want any discount coupons such as spam and advertising reviews! Just notify me of useful information on osmetics.

We directly reflected
the needs of
both customers
and cosmetics company.

① Tell us about customer's cosmetics usage data!
② We want to recommend our product based on customer's data.
  BeautyBot details
  BeautyBot in the near future
New design and technology application
We will provide products optimized for customer convenience through revision of new designs and new technology.
Expanding partnerships with cosmetic companies

We will continue to expand our cosmetics account book through partnerships with related companies.